Monday, April 9, 2012

Mixing it up a bit...

My super husband has been using MyFitnessPal for the last few months to track what he is eating. He has lost nearly 30 lbs and I am SO proud of him. He is about 15 lbs away from his goal and working really hard to get there.

Naturally with me being an avid Weight Watcher and him doing his thing (which is cool, not all plans work for everyone) there have been some bumps along the way.

For example, over the weekend we had the following conversation:

Man: I have 784 calories left for the day, what can I have for dinner?
Me: I have no idea. I don't think in calories, I think in PointsPlus.
Man: Okay, well how many calories are in a PointsPlus.
Me: I have no idea. Weight Watchers doesn't use calories to calculate PointsPlus.
Man: Oh...well...that sucks...and is really not helpful for planning meals.
Me: Tell me about it.

This got me thinking. 

The Man and I speak a different language when it comes to our 'diets' and that kindof stinks. 

Also, I have been in a rut for the last few months with my weight. I am still under goal, but I have been struggling to lose my 8 lb "buffer zone" I had created for myself that I gained last May.

I have been struggling with motivation to lose the extra pounds and have been only able to maintain my focus for about 3 days before I dive head first into a vat of frozen yogurt.

Thinking about all this helped me to decide to give MyFitnessPal a try.  I talked to the Man about it and we agreed that maybe a month of tracking calories would go me some good. 

Not to say Weight Watchers isn't amazing and that I will turn my back on it. That won't happen AT ALL! 

I just need something new and different to get me to where I want to be. Plus it will be a nice challenge to put myself in the Man's shoes for a while. I will gain some perspective on the value of a calorie and maybe I will discover that I do in fact eat WAY to much fruit.

Day 1 of MFP is almost complete and I can tell already that it will be a challenge. I had to log out of Weight Watchers entirely because I was comparing them. (I consumed 2/3 of my calories for the day by lunch, but had only eaten 9 Pt+...that was a BIG blow.)

(If you are on MFP, come find me! My user name is SuperRizzle.)

I will let you know in a month how things went...

...Oh, and I have my first 10k on Sunday...Totally not prepared...Ugh...


  1. A change can be a good thing! Good Luck

  2. I've seen people on Twitter using My Fitness Pal, but I've never wandered over that way to look at it. Maybe I need to look in to that. I sometimes don't know if I eat enough or if I'm eating too much. Maybe I'll check it out.

  3. I've been using MFP for years now. When I was losing my weight I wrote down my calories by hand in a journal--then I got an iPhone. :) I LOVE Mfp. So easy to use. I track every day.

    Oh and there's no such thing as too much fruit. :)