Monday, January 31, 2011

Lifetime Update; Week ending 1/30/2011

Scale said I broke even this week which is just fine by me.  I am just slightly above my lowest recorded weight in history so whatever I am doing must be working!  What am I doing?  Duh, tracking, measuring, counting, drinking tons of water, and eating lots of fruits and veggies.  (Seriously, that was a stupid question.)  However, last week I did get on the treadmill and go for a run.  Not just once.  But TWICE!  HA! 

I had lots of hurdles last week that contributed to me only maintaining and not losing.  (Yes, I AM trying to lose still.  I have some vanity pounds I need to work off.  Plus, I feel like a total pig if I have to eat the extra 6 pts+ a day I get when I am on Maintenance!)  I wrote down every BLT (Bite, Lick, Taste...NOT the sandwich, but if I ate one of those, I would write that down too!  Mmmmmmm, bacon!) and tracked everything I put in my mouth that I probably should have passed on.  Monday was a 2nd glass of wine.   Thursday was pizza AND taco bell (I had a 20 pt+ Nacho Bell Grande and it was worth it).  Saturday was beer and pizza at a birthday party (Tracker says bowling for 120 minutes is 9 AP but I think that is hooey.  Also, I think it is illegal to earn AP while consuming beer and pizza.  And if it isn't illegal, it should be...remind me to draft a strongly worded letter to my Congress-person later).  And Sunday was a traditional German dinner at my parents.  (If anyone feels like finding out how many pts+ is in Leberkneudlesuppe, I would be interested to know...Liver, bread, eggs and parsley balled up and boiled in beef broth...YUM!)  I have leftover pizza and kneudle in the fridge so this week will be just as challenging.

KT had a pretty great loss this week, but if you were to ask her about it she would say it was crap.  Down 1.6!  She was really disappointed and wanted to see a bigger loss.  I could tell at the meeting that she wasn't really paying too much attention as I could hear the gears of negative self talk grinding in her head.  On our way out of the meeting she wiped away some hidden tears that she doesn't think I saw and tried to keep the conversation on other things.  However, I verbally assaulted her for the whole drive back to the office after our meeting.  It went something like this:

Me:  I don't understand why you are so upset.  1.6 is a great loss for your 2nd week!  WW recommends 1-2lbs a week so you are right where you should be.
KT:  I know, but I thought with the big loss last week (6 lbs) and being really good this week that I would have seen at least 2 down.  And my husband lost like FIFTY-TWO pounds last week, which isn't fair.
Me:  Don't be stupid, he didn't lose 52 lbs.  And he is a dude.  Dudes lose weight faster.  Stop comparing yourself to him.  Let's just worry about you, and let him worry about himself and his obvious eating disorder or worms that enables him to lose 50 lbs in an effing week. 
KT:  Idiot, I was exaggerating.  He didn't really lose 52 lbs.
Me: Whatever, bite me. Okay so, did you eat all your points?
KT:  Yes, I ate all of my DP and about 20 of my WP.
Me:  Were you doing activity?
KT:  Yes, I did my yoga and pilates every night.  My muscles are the good kind of sore.  It feels really great.
Me:  Sounds like you are doing all the right things.  So, really, the problem is that you set your mind on a number that you had no control over and are now beating yourself up over it.  You are sitting there thinking "I shoulda done this, or I coulda done that" feeling bad and punishing yourself over it!  Even though you might not like the loss, it is still a loss.  A GREAT loss!  Stop being so stupid and be fricken happy for yourself!  And don't you dare go and push yourself toward a larger loss by cutting back on your points because I will find out and punch you in the face.
KT:  I dare you to punch me.  I would murder you.
Me:  Bitch, I ain't scared of you.  Bring it.
KT:  You are stupid.
Me:  No, you are stupid.  See that guy right there, he thinks you are hot and wants to boink you.  He told me.
KT:  He must have a big doink, he is tall and skinny.
Me:  He also has a big nose, which would be helpful for fellatio.
KT:  Yes, I am SURE his big nose, helps with sucking cock.
Me:  Oh, shit, I meant, cunnilingus. 
KT:  I am outta at you later.

Okay, so we got a little off track there at the end, but you get the point.  And if you don't get the point and are still giggling about cunnilingus (don't worry, I am too) than here is the moral of the story.

Don't beat yourself up over something you can't control!  Eat the the right foods, get in some activity, stay within your points budget and let the plan do all the work!  Eventually, if you keep working at it, and keep focused, the weight WILL come off!  WW is NOT an overnight fix.  AND, getting all upset over things, will only make it worse!  Over my time with WW, I saw lots of ups and downs.  More downs than ups, but it was still a bumpy ride!  Some weeks will be huge fantastic losses, some will be little ones, and others will show a gain.  BUT, when you add all that up, in the end, it is STILL a negative number, which is what matters most!

In other news, as noted previously, I got my lazy ass on the treadmill twice last week.  I did under 2 miles each time, but I did it, so that is what counts.  I made up a chart for the Man and I with each day of the year and a box to check off if we did treadmill or weights that day.  I hung it on the pantry door which faces the treadmill to use as motivation (or as we discussed at the WW meeting today, an Anchor).  I also like it being on the pantry because it is on the door of the snack side of the pantry to if I go for a treat my lack of activity checks will be staring me in the face. 

I also found out that my step-sister started WW a few weeks ago.  I reached out to her to see if she would like any support or advice but I haven't heard back.  Which is just as well,  because as KT might tell her,  my support is more like threats and perverted jokes, so she really isn't missing much! 

This week will hopefully be much smoother, so I am hoping to achieve my new official lowest weight ever.  No biggs if it doesn't happen though, I will just keep trying!   I will be sure to get on the treadmill at least twice this week just as last week and have 7 chapters to read for school in two weeks.  I plan on spending quite a bit of time over the weekend in bed doing that reading and I can't tell you how excited I am by that plan!

Sorry, no pictures this week. 

I suck. 


Bite me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lifetime Update: 6 months, 1 week and counting...

WOW, I had an amazing week last week!

Starting on Monday when went with my awesome friend KT to her first Weight Watchers meeting. It was so exciting to get her all started! I really enjoyed the meeting we went to and I feel really good about switching to Monday afternoons versus Monday evenings. The leader is really nice and energetic and hands out more stickers, which my old leader never did. I feel like I need to wear a "I am a Lifetime member" t-shirt so people don't just sit there and stare at the skinny chick like I am invading their party. I carry my gold book around and try to make it as obvious as possible. I have yet to speak up in this meeting, but I will soon. KT really got into the program this week and did awesome. I only had to lecture her once about eating all her points! She even went out and bought a Pilates machine off of Craig's list so she can start getting some more activity in, and did yoga several time on her own! And here is the best part...SHE LOST 6 POUNDS!!!! I can't tell you how proud I am of her! I wanted to follow her behind the partition and look over her shoulder why she weighed. My heart was doing flip flops and I almost teared up! She is such an amazing person, and with a 5 month old beautiful baby girl at home, she really wants to do this for her daughter so she can be an even better mother than she already is! He husband it on board with the program too and doing it right beside her which is also awesome. He lost 15 pounds this week! KT got her first ever 5 lb star at our meeting today and I couldn't have been prouder! She is going to rock this program and will make my success look like nothing in comparison!

I was pretty successful on the scale as well with a 2.4 lb loss at my meeting. I am now .2 lbs over my lowest recorded weight. I am super excited about this especially with the amount of food roadblocks that were thrown at me this week! I really love it when I have a lot of things appear on my calendar that have food associated with them and I still have a loss. It really proves to me how much WW really is designed for an active social life!

On Tuesday I had dinner at an old coworkers house and budgeted some points for ice cream cake for dessert. I tapped into some weeklies and had a slice of chocolate cake at a work thing on Tuesday too. On Thursday I went to a jewellery party and avoided the cookies and stayed with in my points by dipping veggies into hummus instead of ranch dip!

I got a great prezzie from one of my friends this week and it made me super happy, but also a little disappointed at the same time.  As many of you know, I LOVE the Eiffel Tower.  I collect them like crazy.  If it has an Eiffel Tower on it, I want it.  The weirder the item the better.  I have tons of stuff, including a lamp, clock, salt and pepper shakers, sink drain, cookie cutter, candles, and even an antique ash tray! Because of my addiction, people pick up Eiffel Towers for me when ever they see them in unique locations.  My awesome friend TG picked this one up for me:

It is a toast impression maker!  You press it onto the bread, then when you toast it, the pattern shows up making it French Toast...get it...FRENCH toast!!  And to top it off, it is pink!!  If it had glitter on it, it would be the holy trifecta of awesome!  However, my joy was quickly snuffed out when I realized on key fact.  I don't own bread.  TG bugged me for pictures of my fancy French toast but I haven't bought real bread in so long, that I keep forgetting!  I have been to the grocery store 3 times since I received this present and have yet to remember to buy bread.  It just isn't something I buy anymore.  I dont' know why.  I love bread.  I love sandwiches.  I am just so used to passing on them since I can find better uses for the points!  Now that I have this nifty gadget though, I need to get myself a loaf to play with! 

I had my first day of school on Friday, and it went pretty well. I really like my school a lot and I am looking forward to taking more classes there! I crack myself up about it too, because when anyone has asked me how school went, the first thing out of my mouth is "My tuition includes breakfast and lunch for my Saturday classes!" Not how great my professor is, or how interesting I find the topic, but food is the priority! And, you know what, the food was really good and really healthy! I avoided the muffins and stuck with fruit and coffee for breakfast, along with the oatmeal I had grabbed at Starbucks not knowing they would have breakfast there. For lunch I filled half my plate with salad, and the rest with steamed green beans and roast chicken! They also had a rice thing, but I avoided it as I knew I wouldn't scoop a correct portion and I didn't know how to track it even if I did. It was great!

I also had a pretty large NSV (Non Scale Victory) on Sunday! This NSV has a story behind it, so bear with me here. When I was at my largest, prior to signing up for Weight Watchers, I went into Victoria's Secret for some new bras. I was suffering from major elastic stretch out and I had a lot of boob over flowing the top of my cup. Of course, since I was in denial about my weight, I just assumed it was my boobs getting bigger. My husband was with me, and I went to the girl in the dressing room and asked her to remeasure me to figure out a good size then I got one of their boxes of sample bras that has all of their styles and brought it into the dressing room. I tried on every single one of them. None of them fit or were flattering. It was terrible. I went back to the girl that sized me and when she asked how things went I said that none of them were comfortable and I still had boob overflow on most of them. Then she said something to me that has haunted me ever since, "Maybe you should try a more specialty store like Lane Bryant. They may have more options for a person your size." I immediately burst into tears and ran, not kidding, RAN out of the store and out of the mall. I called the store manager the next day and complained and the girl was written up. The manager was appalled that the girl would say that to me, especially since I did NOT wear that large of a size. (Sorry, I am not telling you here, what my bra size is/was. Use your imagination.) Since I was in complete denial of my actual size and I had never set foot in a Lane Bryant before I was convinced that they would have nothing for me there. I just sucked it up and continued with my current bras until Victoria's had their Semi-Annual Sale and I ordered bras online. Because I was utterly terrified to go back into Victoria's and get called a fatty again, I just always shopped online. Except for last year, in July when my bras actually started to fall off of me did I go into the store to get measured. That experience was super traumatic too, but not as bad as the prior one. A lot of girls, pride themselves on their bra size, and I was one of them for a long time. I used to think my knockers were one of my best features. Well, boobs are made of fat, and when you lose weight, you lose boob. It is a fact of life. So when I found out my new bra size, I cried. Stood half naked in the dressing room and cried. I left the store, once again, in tears and bought online so that no one would know how small my new boobs were, and how padded my new bras were! Okay, so the point of my story is this: I got a gift card for Victoria's Secret for Christmas, and yesterday, I spent all of it. In store. On panties. IN A SIZE MEDIUM!! (Also, don't even get me started on the skanky panties they are marketing at tweens in that store! Holy hell, it was gross! Do teenage girls REALLY need a thong with 'I heart French Kissing' written in glitter across the back? Also, that the hell is the point of the puckering that they put on the ass crack of their panties now?  Like I need any help giving myself a wedgie!) And for the record: I still hate that store. I still feel uncomfortable walking in there. I wouldn't shop there if I didn't have a gift card.

After shopping, I went on a date with my husband to California Pizza Kitchen which I had never been to before. I have no clue how many points+ my pizza was and I don't really care to look. I had the points for it, and I sill lost this week, so obviously I didn't go over board. I got a lovely whole wheat thin crust called "The Four Seasons" (I think) with artichokes, Italian pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions. I stopped myself in the restaurant and only ate half, the other half was eaten in bed later on in the evening followed by some reduced fat ice cream and a piece of peanut brittle. I enjoyed it, and didn't over indulge. I am perfectly fine with my choices!

Overall, even though my wonderful husband was away for work all week, it was a pretty great week!  This week is going to be pretty great too though.  I don't have any big plans, but I will find some way to occupy my time!  I am doing terrible at getting my ass on my treadmill so I really need to work on that!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lifetime Update: 6 Months!!

At the end of the day yesterday it occurred to me what yesterday was! My six month anniversary as a Weight Watchers Lifetime member! Which means, that I have maintained my weighloss successfully for the last 6 months. (Well, technically more than that since I reached my goal in June, then got Lifetime status 6 weeks later.)

I must confess that maintaining the loss is a hell of a lot harder than the actual losing part! They don't tell you that in meeting or in any of the plan materials. There is no magic attached to the Lifetime keyring they give you that makes all the weight stay off. Really, it doesn't happen, I swear.

I mentioned in my last post that I was having dinner with an old co-worker who is also on Weight Watchers and when the bread was passed around and I passed on it, her daughter said something to me and my response really stuck with me because it was not only profound, but completely true. What she said to me was, "Can't you have bread now that you are on Lifetime? I mean, you aren't fat anymore so why not, right? And honestly, I don't remember you ever being that fat." I smiled at her and gave her my usual speech I give anyone when they tell me to vary from my eating plan, "I compare my weightloss struggle to that of an alcoholic. I am addicted to food, just as an alcoholic is addicted to booze. Just like an alcoholic I went to rehab and beat my dependence. But I am still an addict and will always be one. Sure, one slice of bread won't kill me or cause me to gain all my weight back, but from experience, one slice leads to 3 slices, which leads to a 2 week binge and 10 lbs. Plus, I was told there is ice cream cake for dessert, and I would rather indulge on that!" Sure, I could have said, "You are right, I am not fat anymore, I can eat what I want! Pass the bread, and I am gonna need more butter than what is on the table", but that is the exact thinking that would get me right back to where I started! And she was wrong, I WAS that fat, but most importantly, I was unhealthy and sad.

That whole conversation basically summed up my biggest lesson I learned these last 6 months. I will always, everyday, for the rest of my life have to pay attention to my eating and my weight. Yea, that thought kindof sucks, but which is worse, paying attention and staying thin, or not paying attention and getting fat again? Sure, I can have days where I don't care, and I indulge and let myself loose. However, those occasions have to be rare and controlled!

For example: I spent 10 days with my husband, mother, and step-dad in Disney World in December (I know, I know, I promised to blog about it, and I haven't yet...I soon as I get the pics loaded onto my new computer. And about the countless other blogs I have promised to write...Yea, I will get to them too...eventually...) and I told myself I would enjoy my trip, not over indulge, but not pass up things I wanted, but still make healthy decisions. We stocked up the fridge in the hotel with healthy breakfast items so we started our day out right with yogurt, fruit, bagel thins and coffee. We planned to eat late lunches/early dinners in the parks and then have dessert/cocktails later in the evening. I ate what I felt like I wanted at restaurants. One day I had steak and potatoes, another was pan seared fish over mushroom risotto. I had a glass of wine just about every night with dinner, or in the room before bed while we planned out our next day. I had a huge cone of orange/pineapple swirl soft serve one day, and a warm chocolate filled beignet another. We went to the beach, I had cheese grits with bacon and shrimp, and on the same day I ate exactly 6 Dunkin Donut munckins with my coffee for breakfast. On our last day, I split a deep fried, fat filled funnel cake covered with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup with my husband. After 10 days of eating my little heart out on all the yummy amazingness that Disney has to offer, you know what happened? Yea, I lost 4 lbs!! Shocker, I know. You know how I managed to do that without depriving myself? Planning, walking around Epcot all day, making good choices, planning, walking around Magic Kingdom all day, planning, splitting desserts with my mom or husband, and walking up the stairs to my hotel room.

So, does that mean I can start eating all that on a regular basis and stay at the weight I am now? Uh, HELL NO! Unless I want to spend 16 hours a day walking around at the same pace as my crazy speed demon mother every-damn-day! Was it okay to do for 10 days while on vacation? Sure! Did I go to the store and stock up on my usual yogurt, bananas, and baby carrots the day we got back? You bet your ass I did! Am I still shocked as shit that I lost 4 lbs in freaking Disney World? YES!

So, in conclusion, here are my key lessons for maintaining weight loss:
Don't go back to old eating habits.
Don't forget about the fat chick hiding deep down who is just dying to come out and play.
Make healthy choices, while still enjoying small indulgences.
Go to meetings at least once a month.
Get on the scale weekly! And if the number is not pretty, do something about it quickly!
Plan, plan, plan.
Buy clothes that are so nice that you don't want to grow out of them.
Grocery shop weekly for fresh fruits and veggies.
Pack breakfast, lunch, and an emergency snack everyday to bring to work.
Keep an emergency snack within reach at all times (for example, I keep a snack bar, or some Popchips in my glove box)
Pay attention to hunger signals. Stop at satisfied, NOT at stuffed.
Eat breakfast. Every day. No matter what.
Know your emotional eating triggers and DON"T FEED THEM!
Get off your ass and DO something.  Take a walk, ride a bike, vacuum the hallway, just something other than nothing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going grocery shopping!

The last week has been a big week for me in regards to WW.  Not only did I work the new Points Plus program but I got asked to dinner by an old coworker who is struggling with WW and needs some extra motivation, and then I got asked by another good friend to attend meetings with her and support her as she begins her journey with WW.  I am so honored by both of these requests and I am really looking forward to helping them any way I can achieve their goals with WW!   This has made me put some serious thought into applying to become a WW leader, but am still undecided.  With school starting on Friday, I just don't want to stretch myself too thin.  I will keep thinking on it and keep you all posted as to my decision.    I will be having dinner with the old coworker in the next few days and will report back on how that goes as well.

My other friend, KT picked Monday as her official start day and even send out a meeting invite so that my calendar is blocked for the next 2 years!  I usually attend meetings on Monday evenings but my house, and have been terrible about attending monthly so this will be a good way to keep myself focused as well as her.  I believe the leader of this meeting is the same as my current leader which is good.  To be honest, I am really looking forward to switching meetings as I was getting a bit worn out by my other one.  The women there are really negative and whiny and I was getting less and less out of the meetings because of it.  At my second weigh in after achieving Lifetime, I happened to be sitting next to one of those ladies and she turned to me and said "What are you doing here?  You are too skinny to be on Weight Watchers."  I looked at her and said as politely as I could, "I am on Lifetime, I come to weigh in once a month".  She gave me a nasty look like I might be contagious and turned away.  That was the first and only time anyone at my meeting other than my leader has ever spoken to me.  So, when KT asked if I minded switching meetings, I immediately said that I would be happy to switch! 

KT also asked me to go with her on her weekly grocery shopping trip to help her make some smart choices and give her some advice on what things to buy.  Naturally, I jumped at this offer as grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do!  We spent maybe 2 hours in that store going through the isles.  I pointed out things I like, and things I have tried and didn't like.  We got her all set and ready to start her Monday off on the right foot!

Since I am without my husband this weekend disgustingly bored, I decided to take some time and put together a list of things that I shop for and some of my favorite grocery shopping tips to share with my few, but wonderful, blog readers. 
  1. Don't shop hungry.  Everyone knows that shopping hungry is a quick way to buy twice as much as you need.  I shop on Sunday afternoons or Mondays after work.  I will pack a larger snack on Mondays so that I am satisfied and not suffering with stomach growling at me to buy cookies or Doritos to eat in the car on the way home.
  2. Pre-plan  your trip.  Know what meals you will be cooking for the week and what ingredients you need.  I shop once a week so I get supplies for 5 days worth of lunches and dinners.  I will pick 5 things to make for dinner that week then let my husband pick out what day he would like each meal. 
  3. Make a detailed list.  Before I go, I think of the lay out of my store and write out my list in the order of where the items are located so I don't have to back track.  I also take some time to search online for any coupons for some of the brand name products that I might need.  Paperclip the coupons to the list and mark items on the list that have coupons with required quantities.
  4. Shop the edges of the store first.  Fill up over half of your cart with items from the edges and try to limit how much you go down the aisles.  My first stop is always produce.  Then the meat department, then dairy, then frozen foods.  Then I hit the aisles and only the aisles that I need something from.  Never wander without a purpose. 
  5. Limit the amount of things that are not on the list that go into the cart.  I am terribly about picking up something delicious and unhealthy just because "it was on sale".  Last week it was my favorite brand of pre-made guacamole.  The week before was mini-marshmallows with the intention of making rice cereal treats out of the leftover cereal in the pantry from Christmas that I would take to work and share (um, yea, haven't done that yet...pretty sure that cereal is stale...).
Here is my usual shopping list that I start from and add to each week depending on what plans I have for dinners that week:
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Baby carrots
  • Salad mixes
  • Broccoli slaw mix (just the bagged shreds, I use them on salads, I don't actually make slaw)
  • Celery
  • Red potatoes
  • Deli turkey
  • Deli roast beef
  • Ground turkey
  • Chicken breast - I get them on sale and I have them wrap them up in 2 breast increments.
  • Catfisth - if fresh and on sale - which is rare, but I always check because we LOVE it
  • Light yogurt
  • Kraft 2% Shredded Cheese - Mexican blend
  • Reduced fat sour cream
  • Fat free sour cream (I make my own salad dressing with it)
  • 1% milk
  • Weight Watchers Individual cream cheese packs
  • Eggs (half of which I hard boil for salads and snacks)
  • Green Giant Steam packs of veggies - corn, broccoli & cheese, and cauliflower & cheese
  • Mission brand reduced fat tortillas
  • Tostitos Restaurant Style salsa
  • Progresso soups
  • Whole Wheat Ritz crackers
  • Diet Sodas and Arizona diet Green Tea
  • Apple juice and Cranberry juice (the Husband is a juice addict)
  • Wine (for me...and lots of it...)
 Other things that are always in my house and I usually get at Costco monthly:
  • Kirkland brand Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets
  • Fat Free refried beans
  • Laughing Cow cheese wedges
  • 97% fat free popcorn
  • Individual bags of Baked potato chips
  • Sandwich Thins & Bagel thins
  • Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches
What is in your cart each week? 

Tomorrow morning I will have my first WI (weigh-in) on the new Points Plus program.  I think I did pretty well.  It was a struggle the first few days to get all my points in but I figured it out by just adding more wine at the end of the day!  I tracked diligently during the week and not a single thing on Saturday or Sunday.  I am not too worried about it though, as I hadn't touched a single one of my weekly points by the time Friday rolled around and I made good choices at the Mexican restaurant we went to dinner at on Saturday! 

Also, I made a goal to start running in the mornings as my evenings have been so full lately I haven't had the opportunity to get on the treadmill.  It will be really hard for me to change my routine, as I am not a morning person at all, but I know it is something I need to do, so I will just take it one day at a time.  I told the Husband to start nagging me when my alarm goes off to get my ass out of bed instead of hitting snooze 800 times like I usually do.  To start out, I will only get up to run on the days that I need to wash my hair, which is about every other day.  I need to wash my hair tomorrow...but my husband isn't home to nag hopefully I get up!

Oh, and before I blog got my family...not that it is a big deal, but until now, no one in my real life but one person had read my blog.  Not even my husband has read it!  I knew they would find it eventually, I mean, it isn't a secret.  Hell, I have the link on my Twitter profile!  It is hard to explain my feelings about why I am a little weirded out about it, but maybe I am just being stupid.  More than likely, I am just being stupid.  I tend to keep all my weight loss stuff off of Facebook and away from family gatherings.  I don't want to be that person whose whole life revolves around their weight so I limit myself to talking about it here and on Twitter.  However, my weight and my struggles with my weight are a BIG part of who I am now.  I don't know.  I need to get over it. 

Okay, fine.  I am over it.  (Hi Dad!  Hi Paulyne, Hi Aunt Julee!  Anyone else here?)

Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 in review & 2011 goals

Time to reflect back on 2010 and set some goals for myself for 2011. 

Yea, I know, I am about 10 days behind.  Whatever, I don't care, I can do what I want. Besides, I didn't get my new fancy pants laptop until last week and I finally got it all set up over the weekend.  Baby steps!

So, I got a new laptop for one major specific reason.  In 11 days I will be sitting in my first college class in almost 10 years!  One of my goals for 2010 was to look into the possibility of going back to school, and as it turns out, it was completely possible!  I was accepted into George Fox University's Adult Degree Program while I was on vacation in Disney World.  I will be working towards a BA in Management and Operational Leadership.  I am about halfway there so if all goes well, I should be holding a degree in my hands in the Summer or Fall of 2012.  Which brings me to goal #1 for 2011.

#1)  Maintain a B average (3.0 GPA)

I was a C average student in high school and graduated with a 2.6 GPA so striving for a B average is a lofty goal for myself.

#2) Maintain my goal weight and weigh in at a Weight Watcher's meeting once a month. 

I have been a Life time member for almost 6 months now, and have only weighed in at a meeting 3 times.  Not good.  I weighed in today, and had to pay $13. 

As I am sure you are aware as you have been following my diligently on Twitter and this blog, I lost 65 lbs with Weight Watchers.  Of that 65, 35 of it was in 2010. 

I haven't been using the Online Tracker the last 6 months due to some miscommunication and budget constraints.  However, I still track my weight every Monday in an Excel spreadsheet.  One big thing I noticed was that I was only under my personal goal weight for one week.  For the rest of the time, I was up 2-4 lbs.  This needs to stop in 2011.  I want to be closer to my personal goal number and only fluctuate 2 lbs above or below that number.

In an effort to get back on track, I have started on the new Points Plus program and am tracking again.  Not with the online tools yet, since I still can't afford them, but the old fashioned way with a pencil and paper!  My first day on the Points Plus program was a bit of a challenge as I couldn't eat all my points even though I tried.  Not to worry though, I will get it.  It will just take some work. 

I also need to get my ass back on my treadmill.  I haven't been on it since November 29th.  (Yuck, that grosses me out.)  My wonderful husband has been super diligent on the treadmill lately and lost 4 lbs last week by just adding exercise.  Which says to me, we are eating the right things, we just needed to add exercise!  I don't have a fully developed plan for working out yet, but I think it may involve getting a book holder for the treadmill and doing my school reading while power walking.  There is a 5k coming up March 13th that I am going back and forth on, but I just need to bite the bullet and sign up. 

My plans for 2011 include:
  • Shamrock Run in March (?)
  • Go to Seattle with friends in February (?)
  • Take my husband to a fancy restaurant for his birthday and wear something tight, short, and sexy in March.
  • Show my mom around town and party like I am not turning 27 for the 3rd time in May.
  • Starlight Run in June.  (Starlight Run was my first ever 5k in 2010!)
  • Celebrate one year at Lifetime in July.
  • Portland to Coast in August.
  • Race for the Cure in September.
  • Something super romantic for my 5 year wedding anniversary in October.
I am going to try and post blogs more often with how things are going in my life.  I promise to try!  Feel free to nag me to post more often!  I still need to post about my trip to Disney so hopefully I will get all my pics loaded on to this new computer soon and I will get one written up!