Monday, January 31, 2011

Lifetime Update; Week ending 1/30/2011

Scale said I broke even this week which is just fine by me.  I am just slightly above my lowest recorded weight in history so whatever I am doing must be working!  What am I doing?  Duh, tracking, measuring, counting, drinking tons of water, and eating lots of fruits and veggies.  (Seriously, that was a stupid question.)  However, last week I did get on the treadmill and go for a run.  Not just once.  But TWICE!  HA! 

I had lots of hurdles last week that contributed to me only maintaining and not losing.  (Yes, I AM trying to lose still.  I have some vanity pounds I need to work off.  Plus, I feel like a total pig if I have to eat the extra 6 pts+ a day I get when I am on Maintenance!)  I wrote down every BLT (Bite, Lick, Taste...NOT the sandwich, but if I ate one of those, I would write that down too!  Mmmmmmm, bacon!) and tracked everything I put in my mouth that I probably should have passed on.  Monday was a 2nd glass of wine.   Thursday was pizza AND taco bell (I had a 20 pt+ Nacho Bell Grande and it was worth it).  Saturday was beer and pizza at a birthday party (Tracker says bowling for 120 minutes is 9 AP but I think that is hooey.  Also, I think it is illegal to earn AP while consuming beer and pizza.  And if it isn't illegal, it should be...remind me to draft a strongly worded letter to my Congress-person later).  And Sunday was a traditional German dinner at my parents.  (If anyone feels like finding out how many pts+ is in Leberkneudlesuppe, I would be interested to know...Liver, bread, eggs and parsley balled up and boiled in beef broth...YUM!)  I have leftover pizza and kneudle in the fridge so this week will be just as challenging.

KT had a pretty great loss this week, but if you were to ask her about it she would say it was crap.  Down 1.6!  She was really disappointed and wanted to see a bigger loss.  I could tell at the meeting that she wasn't really paying too much attention as I could hear the gears of negative self talk grinding in her head.  On our way out of the meeting she wiped away some hidden tears that she doesn't think I saw and tried to keep the conversation on other things.  However, I verbally assaulted her for the whole drive back to the office after our meeting.  It went something like this:

Me:  I don't understand why you are so upset.  1.6 is a great loss for your 2nd week!  WW recommends 1-2lbs a week so you are right where you should be.
KT:  I know, but I thought with the big loss last week (6 lbs) and being really good this week that I would have seen at least 2 down.  And my husband lost like FIFTY-TWO pounds last week, which isn't fair.
Me:  Don't be stupid, he didn't lose 52 lbs.  And he is a dude.  Dudes lose weight faster.  Stop comparing yourself to him.  Let's just worry about you, and let him worry about himself and his obvious eating disorder or worms that enables him to lose 50 lbs in an effing week. 
KT:  Idiot, I was exaggerating.  He didn't really lose 52 lbs.
Me: Whatever, bite me. Okay so, did you eat all your points?
KT:  Yes, I ate all of my DP and about 20 of my WP.
Me:  Were you doing activity?
KT:  Yes, I did my yoga and pilates every night.  My muscles are the good kind of sore.  It feels really great.
Me:  Sounds like you are doing all the right things.  So, really, the problem is that you set your mind on a number that you had no control over and are now beating yourself up over it.  You are sitting there thinking "I shoulda done this, or I coulda done that" feeling bad and punishing yourself over it!  Even though you might not like the loss, it is still a loss.  A GREAT loss!  Stop being so stupid and be fricken happy for yourself!  And don't you dare go and push yourself toward a larger loss by cutting back on your points because I will find out and punch you in the face.
KT:  I dare you to punch me.  I would murder you.
Me:  Bitch, I ain't scared of you.  Bring it.
KT:  You are stupid.
Me:  No, you are stupid.  See that guy right there, he thinks you are hot and wants to boink you.  He told me.
KT:  He must have a big doink, he is tall and skinny.
Me:  He also has a big nose, which would be helpful for fellatio.
KT:  Yes, I am SURE his big nose, helps with sucking cock.
Me:  Oh, shit, I meant, cunnilingus. 
KT:  I am outta at you later.

Okay, so we got a little off track there at the end, but you get the point.  And if you don't get the point and are still giggling about cunnilingus (don't worry, I am too) than here is the moral of the story.

Don't beat yourself up over something you can't control!  Eat the the right foods, get in some activity, stay within your points budget and let the plan do all the work!  Eventually, if you keep working at it, and keep focused, the weight WILL come off!  WW is NOT an overnight fix.  AND, getting all upset over things, will only make it worse!  Over my time with WW, I saw lots of ups and downs.  More downs than ups, but it was still a bumpy ride!  Some weeks will be huge fantastic losses, some will be little ones, and others will show a gain.  BUT, when you add all that up, in the end, it is STILL a negative number, which is what matters most!

In other news, as noted previously, I got my lazy ass on the treadmill twice last week.  I did under 2 miles each time, but I did it, so that is what counts.  I made up a chart for the Man and I with each day of the year and a box to check off if we did treadmill or weights that day.  I hung it on the pantry door which faces the treadmill to use as motivation (or as we discussed at the WW meeting today, an Anchor).  I also like it being on the pantry because it is on the door of the snack side of the pantry to if I go for a treat my lack of activity checks will be staring me in the face. 

I also found out that my step-sister started WW a few weeks ago.  I reached out to her to see if she would like any support or advice but I haven't heard back.  Which is just as well,  because as KT might tell her,  my support is more like threats and perverted jokes, so she really isn't missing much! 

This week will hopefully be much smoother, so I am hoping to achieve my new official lowest weight ever.  No biggs if it doesn't happen though, I will just keep trying!   I will be sure to get on the treadmill at least twice this week just as last week and have 7 chapters to read for school in two weeks.  I plan on spending quite a bit of time over the weekend in bed doing that reading and I can't tell you how excited I am by that plan!

Sorry, no pictures this week. 

I suck. 


Bite me.

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  1. I love your posts. I also love your personality. I get a kick out of you on here, WW, and Twitter. Yes..I'm a stalker. :)