Monday, January 24, 2011

Lifetime Update: 6 months, 1 week and counting...

WOW, I had an amazing week last week!

Starting on Monday when went with my awesome friend KT to her first Weight Watchers meeting. It was so exciting to get her all started! I really enjoyed the meeting we went to and I feel really good about switching to Monday afternoons versus Monday evenings. The leader is really nice and energetic and hands out more stickers, which my old leader never did. I feel like I need to wear a "I am a Lifetime member" t-shirt so people don't just sit there and stare at the skinny chick like I am invading their party. I carry my gold book around and try to make it as obvious as possible. I have yet to speak up in this meeting, but I will soon. KT really got into the program this week and did awesome. I only had to lecture her once about eating all her points! She even went out and bought a Pilates machine off of Craig's list so she can start getting some more activity in, and did yoga several time on her own! And here is the best part...SHE LOST 6 POUNDS!!!! I can't tell you how proud I am of her! I wanted to follow her behind the partition and look over her shoulder why she weighed. My heart was doing flip flops and I almost teared up! She is such an amazing person, and with a 5 month old beautiful baby girl at home, she really wants to do this for her daughter so she can be an even better mother than she already is! He husband it on board with the program too and doing it right beside her which is also awesome. He lost 15 pounds this week! KT got her first ever 5 lb star at our meeting today and I couldn't have been prouder! She is going to rock this program and will make my success look like nothing in comparison!

I was pretty successful on the scale as well with a 2.4 lb loss at my meeting. I am now .2 lbs over my lowest recorded weight. I am super excited about this especially with the amount of food roadblocks that were thrown at me this week! I really love it when I have a lot of things appear on my calendar that have food associated with them and I still have a loss. It really proves to me how much WW really is designed for an active social life!

On Tuesday I had dinner at an old coworkers house and budgeted some points for ice cream cake for dessert. I tapped into some weeklies and had a slice of chocolate cake at a work thing on Tuesday too. On Thursday I went to a jewellery party and avoided the cookies and stayed with in my points by dipping veggies into hummus instead of ranch dip!

I got a great prezzie from one of my friends this week and it made me super happy, but also a little disappointed at the same time.  As many of you know, I LOVE the Eiffel Tower.  I collect them like crazy.  If it has an Eiffel Tower on it, I want it.  The weirder the item the better.  I have tons of stuff, including a lamp, clock, salt and pepper shakers, sink drain, cookie cutter, candles, and even an antique ash tray! Because of my addiction, people pick up Eiffel Towers for me when ever they see them in unique locations.  My awesome friend TG picked this one up for me:

It is a toast impression maker!  You press it onto the bread, then when you toast it, the pattern shows up making it French Toast...get it...FRENCH toast!!  And to top it off, it is pink!!  If it had glitter on it, it would be the holy trifecta of awesome!  However, my joy was quickly snuffed out when I realized on key fact.  I don't own bread.  TG bugged me for pictures of my fancy French toast but I haven't bought real bread in so long, that I keep forgetting!  I have been to the grocery store 3 times since I received this present and have yet to remember to buy bread.  It just isn't something I buy anymore.  I dont' know why.  I love bread.  I love sandwiches.  I am just so used to passing on them since I can find better uses for the points!  Now that I have this nifty gadget though, I need to get myself a loaf to play with! 

I had my first day of school on Friday, and it went pretty well. I really like my school a lot and I am looking forward to taking more classes there! I crack myself up about it too, because when anyone has asked me how school went, the first thing out of my mouth is "My tuition includes breakfast and lunch for my Saturday classes!" Not how great my professor is, or how interesting I find the topic, but food is the priority! And, you know what, the food was really good and really healthy! I avoided the muffins and stuck with fruit and coffee for breakfast, along with the oatmeal I had grabbed at Starbucks not knowing they would have breakfast there. For lunch I filled half my plate with salad, and the rest with steamed green beans and roast chicken! They also had a rice thing, but I avoided it as I knew I wouldn't scoop a correct portion and I didn't know how to track it even if I did. It was great!

I also had a pretty large NSV (Non Scale Victory) on Sunday! This NSV has a story behind it, so bear with me here. When I was at my largest, prior to signing up for Weight Watchers, I went into Victoria's Secret for some new bras. I was suffering from major elastic stretch out and I had a lot of boob over flowing the top of my cup. Of course, since I was in denial about my weight, I just assumed it was my boobs getting bigger. My husband was with me, and I went to the girl in the dressing room and asked her to remeasure me to figure out a good size then I got one of their boxes of sample bras that has all of their styles and brought it into the dressing room. I tried on every single one of them. None of them fit or were flattering. It was terrible. I went back to the girl that sized me and when she asked how things went I said that none of them were comfortable and I still had boob overflow on most of them. Then she said something to me that has haunted me ever since, "Maybe you should try a more specialty store like Lane Bryant. They may have more options for a person your size." I immediately burst into tears and ran, not kidding, RAN out of the store and out of the mall. I called the store manager the next day and complained and the girl was written up. The manager was appalled that the girl would say that to me, especially since I did NOT wear that large of a size. (Sorry, I am not telling you here, what my bra size is/was. Use your imagination.) Since I was in complete denial of my actual size and I had never set foot in a Lane Bryant before I was convinced that they would have nothing for me there. I just sucked it up and continued with my current bras until Victoria's had their Semi-Annual Sale and I ordered bras online. Because I was utterly terrified to go back into Victoria's and get called a fatty again, I just always shopped online. Except for last year, in July when my bras actually started to fall off of me did I go into the store to get measured. That experience was super traumatic too, but not as bad as the prior one. A lot of girls, pride themselves on their bra size, and I was one of them for a long time. I used to think my knockers were one of my best features. Well, boobs are made of fat, and when you lose weight, you lose boob. It is a fact of life. So when I found out my new bra size, I cried. Stood half naked in the dressing room and cried. I left the store, once again, in tears and bought online so that no one would know how small my new boobs were, and how padded my new bras were! Okay, so the point of my story is this: I got a gift card for Victoria's Secret for Christmas, and yesterday, I spent all of it. In store. On panties. IN A SIZE MEDIUM!! (Also, don't even get me started on the skanky panties they are marketing at tweens in that store! Holy hell, it was gross! Do teenage girls REALLY need a thong with 'I heart French Kissing' written in glitter across the back? Also, that the hell is the point of the puckering that they put on the ass crack of their panties now?  Like I need any help giving myself a wedgie!) And for the record: I still hate that store. I still feel uncomfortable walking in there. I wouldn't shop there if I didn't have a gift card.

After shopping, I went on a date with my husband to California Pizza Kitchen which I had never been to before. I have no clue how many points+ my pizza was and I don't really care to look. I had the points for it, and I sill lost this week, so obviously I didn't go over board. I got a lovely whole wheat thin crust called "The Four Seasons" (I think) with artichokes, Italian pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions. I stopped myself in the restaurant and only ate half, the other half was eaten in bed later on in the evening followed by some reduced fat ice cream and a piece of peanut brittle. I enjoyed it, and didn't over indulge. I am perfectly fine with my choices!

Overall, even though my wonderful husband was away for work all week, it was a pretty great week!  This week is going to be pretty great too though.  I don't have any big plans, but I will find some way to occupy my time!  I am doing terrible at getting my ass on my treadmill so I really need to work on that!

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  1. Ahh!! We are so much alike sista!I pass on bread, and I hardly have any bread products. It's a trigger and if I can help it I have it just on occasion :)