Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Stalking Day Two

Since I am not any closer to finding out my true "Blog Calling", I have decided to take another day hitting 'next blog' to see what I get.

1) A dude who claims to be a spiritual leader who is getting his own reality show soon. Got a paragraph into his latest entry before getting bored. Read his 'About Me' section and he actually says "If you think you recognize me, that is because you probably do". Since that sentence made him an egotistical ass, I decided to click 'next' and not read further.

2) Awwww, a cute old man who has been blogging funny comics, memories, and pictures since 2004! Looks like he posts almost every day too! Has pictures of all his kids and grand kids on the side and calls his wife "my Prize". Totally makes up for the jerk from the prior blog! Left him a note that I stopped by!

3) Wow, looks like today is my day for men bloggers! This time was a blog dedicated to jazz criticism. Not too into jazz myself but scrolling down I noticed that he will be visiting Portland soon and asked for places to see and any local artist he should hear. Since I am in Portland I decided to comment with some of my favorite local places. Voodoo donuts, Powell's bookstore and the Grilled Cheese Bus. (Wow, this is FUN!!)

4) Now we have a woman in Maine, who just writes about anything she has going on in her life. HA, too me a second to understand the title of her blog, super cute! She said "ME" and at first I thought she was referring to herself as 'me' but ME also stands for Maine! Cute play on words! I left her a comment saying just that since she nicely asked for comments in her "About ME" section. She mentioned that she recently lost a friend to cancer and instead of the usual comments of sadness she mentioned how grateful she felt to have know this person. Having dealt with a significant loss recently myself, I find this attitude really refreshing.

**My husband just came home and looked over my shoulder to see what I am doing. Since I haven't really defined my blog yet, I haven't shared it with anyone. He seemed a little hurt when I told him that I was blogging but wanted to keep it private for now. He said he didn't care and "whatever" but we all know what that means...so I better wrap this up and go make us some dinner. (I would end now, but I had already hit next and I got an odd one.)**

5) Another guy, this time an artist. He draws some strange cartoons. Reminds me of Ren & Stimpy. (Remember that show? Hmm...Maybe I need to learn to add a picture to my blog....)

(aha! figured it out! Cool!) If I had more time I would look over this blog in detail because he scans pages from is sketch book and there are lots of little odd characters floating around on the pages. I think I will add this blog to the list of ones I follow so I can come back to it later when I am bored.

Well, I would say Day 2 of blogging was a success. Learned some new things, and had fun!

I light of what I have learned today I would like to ask if there is anyone out there reading, pop me a comment so I know you were here! Maybe I will come across you in my random searches and comment back!

If you are reading this, and are one of the people that I have stalked, please don't be upset with me for my observations. If you want me to link to your blog, let me know and I will learn how to. If you want me to delete the comments I made on your comment, I will do that too, but I will make a note that the comment was removed by request of the blog author.

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