Monday, May 24, 2010

What does one Blog about?

I created this blog a few months ago and have been struggling ever since with what I should write about. My life is pretty dull (not by choice) and I can't imagine that there are people out there who would care to hear about how my alarm is suddenly set 48 minutes ahead of it's usual time without me changing anything, or how much I enjoy dancing/walking on my treadmill listening to Britney Spears as loud as I can (but it would be great if there was).

So today, since I cannot sleep (due to my husband's snoring, and my late workout) I started playing around on Blogspot. I checked some of my favorite blogs like I do just about every day. (Hello BitchCakes and Cakewrecks, I am talking about you!!) And it got me thinking about what I want to blog about. I noticed the "Next Blog" link on the top of the screen and thought "Hell, I ain't got nuttin' better to do." (My inner dialogue has bad grammar sometimes.) So I started clicking away.

Right off the bat, I come to a blog about stamping. Stay at home mom of 3 who sells stamps on the side.

Next, is a quilter.

Next, is a quilter.

Another stamper.

Then, a stay at home mom who likes crafts.

Then, a lady who crochets animals and sells them at street fairs. She had some very cute but odd looking jelly fish on display.

Then, another quilter.

Then, a VERY brightly colored blog by a GUY who makes lace.

Then, some more quilts. (Is this REALLY all people do? Is the world filled with closet quilters? Am I missing something?)

Then, a lovely girl in Norway who makes all kinds of things. Her latest blog was talking about how she likes to see where the people who view her blog are from, and if you comment you will be entered to win a purple grocery bag that she screen printed. I commented. (My FIRST blog comment ever!!)

Then, some more quilters.

And, finally, a lovely lady who makes sock puppets. Her sock puppets are so popular that she just recently quit her job to make and sell puppets full time. I did not order one.

So after that extensive research I have come to a few conclusions:

1) Olives and Skinny Cow ice cream don't make a very filling dinner.

2) I should look into taking up quilting.

3) I am even more boring than I thought.

All of this thought leads me to one final question...

Can a person really blog about not knowing what to blog about?

Let's find out, shall we??

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  1. haha - that made me laugh - that's exactly what i thought when i started blogging, and now i'm wondering how a woman from Portland ends up commenting on my blog and now i know - i must have been a 'next' :o)

    Just off to read the rest of your blog - so yes there are people who are interested - for some reason other peoples lives, even if they are very dull, like mine, fascinate people.