Thursday, September 2, 2010

Portland to Coast: Part 2 - Pictures of previous years

Yesterday my picture from PTC came in the mail and it makes me so happy I cannot even begin to explain!  I put it with my pictures from previous years on my entertainment center for all to see!  I am even keeping my old pictures out with it instead of shoving them into a drawer some where pretending that I didn't used to be a big ole fatty.  I like showing off my progression pictures and I am extremely proud of them! 
(There are 4 medals and 3 pictures.  I did not purchase a picture in 2007 for an reason I cannot remember at this time, but I totally wish I had!)
2008               2009                   2010
I can't stop staring at them!! 

2008 - Roughly 200lbs give or take
2009 - Roughly 175 lbs
2010 - 145 lbs

Please scroll up a few more times to stare at them some more....I can wait.....

Okay, enough staring....

So in case you are wondering what that pink band is you see in front of my pictures, it is what we use at the exchange points to designate the walker for our team.


Since I was the final walker and crossed the finish line, I got to keep the bracelet this year.  I love that it is pink and the 20th anniversary bracelet!   

Why do I keep calling it a bracelet?  Oh, easy.....(flash back to the late 80's early 80's)

IT IS A SLAP BRACELET!!!!!   Remember those??  They were all the rage until some crazy mom's said that they were a health hazard because you could sever an artery out of the metal they were made out of if you pulled off the plastic/fabric cover, or something shitty like that.  I remember my mom raided my bedroom and threw all of mine away the second she saw that on the news. 

Okay, back to the point.  When you walk you wear the bracelet, when you get to the exchange point you pass on the bracelet to the next walker in line.  Like the baton they use for track events, but easier to walk 6 miles carrying.  Get it?

As seen here in action from 2009
Now that the muscle pain and tiredness are gone, the only thing left to report from my weekend is the final number of pounds I lost or gained this year.  In previous years I lost roughly 6 pounds, but I had a lot more to lose then and I don't expect that to happen this year AT ALL!!  I don't count my WI on the Monday after the race because my muscles are so sore and retaining so much water that it isn't even close to accurate!  For example:  I left for the weekend weighing 146 lbs, the scale on Monday said 149.3, and today it said 147.2.  I never weigh myself daily, but that 149 number freaked me out a little so I have been peeking to make sure the numbers are going down.  It has also helped me feel less like a big chubbo!  I won't be looking any more this week as the numbers are back to an acceptable range and I can be patient until Monday with the way things stand right now. 

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