Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 In Review & 2012 Goals (Updated...)

Now that we are a few days into 2012 it is time to wrap up 2011 and start making plans for the next few months.
In January of 2011 I came up with a short list of things I wanted to do during the year.  Lets see how I did...

#1) Maintain a B average (3.0 GPA) - DONE!!  Actually got straight A's and a 4.0 GPA

#2) Maintain my goal weight and weigh in at a Weight Watcher's meeting once a month.  - Semi-done and done. I weighed in every month and got my gold key in December for 12 consecutive weigh-in's.  It just so happened to be on the same day as the launch of the new Points Plus 2012 program so I got a lot of stuff that day!

Regarding my weight...well...I stayed a Lifetime member by not going over my goal weight more than 2 lbs.  Yep, that is ALL I accomplished.  I should be happy about that, but I am not.  I am 10 lbs heavier than I was at this time last year and that sucks.

#3) Shamrock Run in March  - Done

#4) Go to Seattle with friends in February - See #5

#5)  Take my husband to a fancy restaurant for his birthday and wear something tight, short, and sexy in March. - Combined his birthday and the Seattle trip into one big event.
Nothing says "classy" quite like a drunken photo of your reflection in an elevator door!
 #6)  Show my mom around town and party like I am not turning 27 for the 3rd time in May. - Done!

#7)  Starlight Run in June. - Not Done (Did a different race instead)
#8)  Celebrate one year at Lifetime in July. - DONE!! Wore a super short skirt to my meeting!

#9)  Portland to Coast in August. - Done!

#10)  Race for the Cure in September. - Done!

#11)  Something super romantic for my 5 year wedding anniversary in October. - Not done.  We went to the Coast.  It was cold. And raining.

I got a lot done that wasn't on that list too! Went to the Bruno Mars concert and got to meet him. Went to see my girl Britney Spears in concert. Completed a an additional 5k in May (Race for the Roses) and April (Race for the Roses). And signed up for a gym membership.

Overall it was an okay year.  Not the greatest, but not the worst either. If 2012 was a repeat of 2011, that would be okay with me.

But, in an effort to make 2012 better...here are some monthly goals for myself.

2012 Goals:

1)  Get back to my "Happy Weight" and stay there! None of this up and down shit.
2)  Maintain my 4.0 GPA
3) Run the 8k Shamrock Run (not the 15k like I really want, I am just not ready...maybe 2013) - March
4)  Race for the Roses 5k- April (Found out they have a 10k...thinking on this one...)
5) Personal - May
6) Portland to Coast - August - Maybe...I don't have a team this year.  I need to find one
7) Race for the Cure 5k - September
8) Graduate from College - December
9)  Go to Cleveland for Christmas - December
10)  Race for the Cure - September
11) Blog at least once a month
12) Finally convince the folks at Weight Watchers to fly me to New York and make me an official Success Story. (yea,yea, this one is a LONG shot...but a girl can dream, right?)

13) Attend a Weight Watchers meeting AT LEAST once a month, earning a new Key in December.

Well, that sums it up for now!

Here's to making 2012 a great year!

I Believe!! (Do you?)

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