Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's poppin'? (...a giveaway, thats what!)

Now, I have been a fan of popchips for almost a year, so when they asked me to do a giveaway on my blog, I jumped at the opportunity!

I had my first experience with popchips on the party bus on my way to see Train at Maryhill Winery's Amphitheatre.  I won the tickets on the radio and that day is in the top 10 best days of my life!  I love Train with a passion, and to see them up close and personal was an amazing and unforgettable experience.  popchips had given the radio station a bunch of cases of different flavors for us to eat on the bus and it was an all you can eat madhouse.  Since I didn't pack any food for the trip, which was dumb on my part, to have a healthy snack to soak up the large amounts of wine I was inhaling it was a major plus!  The concert took place just a few weeks before I reached Lifetime, so I really needed to have healthy options in front of me to keep me out of trouble!


The day I came back from the concert I immediately started following popchips on both Twitter and Facebook.  (Which you need to do as well, but we will get to that part.)  One of the great things about popchips social networking is that they have localized groups to follow.  I follow the main @popchips, but also @popchipsPDX and @popchipsSeattle to get the scoop on what is going on in my area.  (Plus they do LOTS of local giveaways, which I love!)  When I became the 50th follower of @popchipsSeattle they sent me this amazing gift basket with a month's supply of popchips!  (And guess what?  You could win one too!  Keep reading to find out how!)

So, not only did I get all I could eat of popchips on the party bus, and a months supply sent to my front door, popchips also sponsored me to do the Muddy Buddy last summer!  I posted a lengthy blog about it here

I will pause, while you click the link and read about my super awesome dirty race...



Done?  Good.  Let's continue.

So far we have covered all the pop-tastic fun that being a follower of popchips can bring, but now we need to talk about the most important part of popchips and why I am such a devout fan of them.

They are healthy.  And delicious.  And low in Points Plus.  And delicious. 

How are they healthy?  Simple.  They aren't fried.  Heck, they aren't even baked.  They are air popped.

They come in a ton of flavors like original, barbecue, cheddar, sea salt & vinegar, salt & pepper, sour cream & onion, and Parmesan garlic.  You can get them just about anywhere but if you are having any trouble finding them in your area, just check out their store locater on their website.  Or you can skip all that hassle, and just order them from their website and have them delivered directly to your couch.  ( )

Okay, so now to the fun part!  The GIVEAWAY!!

popchips has agreed to give one of my loyal blog readers a one month supply of popchips!  (And by one month supply, they mean 31 individual bags, not as many as you can eat in a month.  I was disappointed to learn that little tidbit myself, but hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.)

How can you win this boxful of crunchy deliciousness?  Simple.

1.  Follow popchips on Twitter OR Like them on Facebook. 
2.  Tell them who sent you.  ("@SuperERizzle's blog sent me!)
3.  Comment below telling me where you posted your comment so I can verify that you aren't a cheater and a liar. 
4.  Tell me how pretty, funny, smart, awesome I am so that I can verify you actually read my blog and aren't just here for the free stuff!  (HA!  Caught you!)
5.  Make sure you put some way for me to contact you if you win!  (Like your twitter screen name, or a link to your blog.)

I am limiting this to one entry per form of social media per person.  So if you follow them on Twitter AND like them on Facebook, you get TWO entries!  (Please comment twice though, so I can see you did both.)

Contest will stay open until Friday, March 26th at midnight.  Saturday morning (or afternoon, depending on when I get up) I will randomly choose a winner! 



  1. I followed them on FB!

  2. I followed them on Twitter.

  3. 1. Follow them on twitter and like them on fb
    2. tweeted and posted a comment!
    3. on both...
    4. thats awesome that for being the 50th follower you won a months supply.. i would be very jealous if i was follower #49.. and your blog is awesome.. i just found out about it a week or two ago.. congrats on your 5k charm!
    5. twitter @vanessarose10 i'm pretty sure you follow me!

  4. Follow popchips on Twitter as rlee1950


  5. Like popchips on Facebook as Robyn Lee


  6. I already follow popchips on Twitter stacey_knapp

  7. I already follow popchips on facebook Stacey 'Glenney' Knapp

  8. I'm here for the free stuff (I came via a tweet from popchips) but I will be following you now. Frugal Frann's Daughter. (Lapsed WW Member)

  9. I was already following @popchips on Twitter, but I didn't know about the local branches! Now I follow @popchipsNY. My twitter name is @samanthaxrachel.

    My blog is

    I'd love to learn more about being sponsored by Pop Chips for fitness events!!

  10. follow popchips on Twitter
    sadiebeery at hotmail dot com

  11. i follow popchips on facebook


  12. i follow popchips on facebook


  13. i follow popchips on twitter.

    i didn't know about their individual branches on twitter so i will definitely find my local on and subscribe!




    i tweeted that you sent me!



    told them on facebook that you sent me!


  16. honestly, i didn't know about your blog until i saw the link for this post on the popchips twitter page. I just followed you on twitter and joined your blog via gfc. I love blogs such as yours because they are inspiring. I was in strict ballet classes for 11 years, around my 8th year i was in a car accident and got put on medications that made me gain huge amounts of weight. i went from a size 0 to a size 10 and have not been able to dedicate myself to get my body shape back. These blogs help me very much with that, so i will definitely be following your blog on a daily basis!


  17. I followed them on Twitter.
    popchipsPDX @popchips (@supererizzle's blog sent me here!!)
    I do love reading your blog and tweets. I can't believe how much wine you can consume, lol!
    ajblaine - twitter