Monday, October 18, 2010

Muddy Buddy!!!

I know I am behind on my Tombstone posts, but I had so much fun at this race yesterday I had to tell you all about it!

In case you didn't know, I am super active on Twitter (@SuperERizzle) and I follow PopChips (@popchipsSeattle) because not only are they an amazing low point snack, they really appreciate their fans and offer all kinds of fun prizes for following them!  (They sent me a great gift basket with a month's supply of Popchips just for being their 50th follower!  Anyway, a few weeks ago the tweeted looking for people who wanted to participate in the Portland Muddy Buddy and of course I volunteered.

I frantically looked for a buddy for the race since it was only a week prior that I found out about the race.  My awesome friend Kim agreed to do it with me even though she felt like she wasn't "in shape" enough to do it. 

The day before the race we went to pick up our race packets and shirts and decided to stop by the pre-race party since they said there would be free beer!  Even though we only had a half  hour left on the parking meter, we hauled ass and got back to the car only 12 minutes past our time with NO ticket!  (For the record, I am not a beer person, but Redhook's Mud Slinger is AWESOME!  It made me nervous because it was so dark, but it wasn't bitter and had a great honey taste to it!)

The morning of the race I had to get up at 5, which I did not like.  And it was freeeeeeeeeezing which I also did not like!  It was a day FULL of things I don't like because I do NOT like mud either!

Kim and I all bundled up before the race.  Please note the fog and frost.
We are two Bad Ass Bitches!!

The premise of the Muddy Buddy is simple.  Two people, one bike, 6 miles, 3 obstacles, and one HUGE mud pit!

The mud pit before the race started.  They told us it was heated....they lied.
When the race starts one buddy is on the bike and the other is on foot, when you reach the obstacle you swap so that the other buddy is now running and the other is biking.  This back and forth happens 3 times until the end where you meet up and go through the mud pit together.  I ended up running 3 legs and biking 2 and Kim biked 3 legs and ran 2. 

It was HARD.  I thought I was in shape and that I could totally handle running 3 little miles.  I was wrong.  These weren't just any miles, they were 3 miles up hill on a rocky path in the middle of the woods.  I thought that the biking would be even easier but it was even worse!  The hills were so steep and rocky that I walked the bike more than I rode it.  I was terrified of the downhill and falling flat on my face.  I walked most of my running portions too since the path was so hazardous and I was pooped. 

I wanted to give up about 100 times but I was in the middle of the woods in the middle of no where so there was no where to go except to the finish line.

Speaking of finish line....

We are in the two in pink.  (Love the chick in front feeling herself up though!)

We hesitated for a minute. 

 It was super cold and super gross in that mud pit, but I have to say it really was the best part of the whole experience!

Well, almost the best part...


Nothing like being covered in mud and drinking beer at 10 AM on a Sunday!!
After the race, we hosed off, enjoyed our free beers (Yes, we got more than one free beer!), changed into some clean  dry clothes,  and headed off to get lunch.  (I was starving and once again, didn't eat breakfast like I know I should.)  When I got home I got in the shower and spent the next hour scrubbing mud out of places that one should NOT have mud! 

Overall, I had a fantastic time and I learned several important lessons.
  1. Eat breakfast before doing a race.
  2. Being skinny does NOT equal being "in shape".
  3. Jalapeno poppers are the perfect after race food.
  4. My husband really is willing to do anything for me!  (He has a terrible cold and still got up early and braved the cold to cheer me on!)
  5. Not all dark beers are created equal!
The rest of my Tombstone posts are coming soon....I promise!!

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