Monday, October 11, 2010

My Tombstones!

First off, sorry for not posting for over a month!  Not that any one really missed me, but that isn't the point.  I do have some exciting things coming up in the next few months so maybe I will have some blogs up my sleeve.  So stayed tuned for the Muddy Buddy blog, the Pumpkin hunting/carving blog, and in late December the Disney blog!

And don't worry, this post will make up for lacking entries by stretching out one topic to FIVE posts!

A few weeks ago my wonderful WW Lifetime friend Trixie, who lives in New York and is awesome, posted a blog about her "Tombstones".  (Read about them here, and while you are there read about how how awesome Trixie is and how she lost 100 lbs on WW!)

In case you are incredibly lazy and don't feel like clicking the link, basically, Trixie came up with the idea of creating tombstones for Halloween for each of the habits/excuses we want to get rid of and bury for good in 2010.  She picked some great ones for herself, took a picture of them and posted them on her blog.  She asked that her readers do the same and she will post them on her blog too.  Since I am a major attention whore and have an overwhelming need to get my face out to the world, and I love taking pictures of myself,  I decided to participate in her challenge.

What did I get rid of in 2010 that I never want to see again?  My first reaction was silly stuff like my double chin, and diabetes.Yea, sure, I never ever in a million bazillion years see that awful double chin's ugly face again, and I totally kicked Diabetes ass this year, but I think she was looking for something a bit more deep and profound.

So I thought a little harder and I came up with five really good tombstones for 2010.  I plan to talk about each one individually throughout this week in detail.

So here they no particular order...My Tombstones!

  1. Being Fake
  2. "I'm not built for running."
  3. Buying Friends
  4. "It needs CHEESE!"
  5. "I'm not a breakfast person."
Okay, I know I said I was aiming for "deep and profound" but those are just the titles. I promise, the meaning behind the silly titles is really thoughtful!  Don't get all judgemental-pants quite yet! (Wait until I explain myself, then you can shake your finger at me.)

Okay, off to finish dinner for the man!  (Did I mention we had our 4th wedding anniversary last week?)


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  1. thank you so much for participating! I LOVE your submissions and I'm really proud of you for making the commitment to rid them from your life!

    They should be up by morning: