Monday, November 26, 2012

26 days and counting...

Vacation is less than a month away.  I cannot express how much I am in need of it. I'm losing my mind and need a break. Like whoa.

Anyway, the plan to get back on track was a moderate success.

Monday: On plan, did small exercises before bed.

Tuesday: On plan (challenged with cake, but re-adjusted my food plans to accommodate a small slice), did small exercises before bed.

Wednesday: On plan (had wine and snacked on Velveeta while prepping for Thanksgiving). No exercise.

Turkey-Day: Didn't track.  Only had one serving of each item on the table. Servings were "one scoop" and I went heavy on the turkey. Had 3 bites of apple pie. Lots of wine. Exercise was standing in line for an hour at Target with the husband buying video games.

Friday: Didn't track. Sat in bed and ate small portions of whatever I felt like having...which included potato chips, frozen cookie dough, twizzlers, and cheese. No exercise.

Saturday: Didn't track. Ate okay though. No exercise.

Sunday: Didn't track. Ate okay. No exercise.

And the result?  Scale said 152.2 this morning! Down 2! Not bad!

The food plan for this week:

Monday: Usual Bfast, turkey sammie for lunch, bratwurst with green beans & pierogie for dinner.
Tuesday: Usual Bfast, turkey sammie for lunch, salad at school for dinner, glass of wine after.
Wednesday: Usual Bfast, turkey sammie for lunch, turkey soup for dinner
Thursday: Usual Bfast, Pad Thai?, upside down nachos for dinner
Friday: Usual Bfast, turkey sammie for lunch, undecided on dinner.
Saturday: ???

Other items of interest that I am thinking about today:
1) Pissed at Jessica Simpson for her "Smoothie Cleanse" while promoting Weight Watchers
2) Ordering my shoes for graduation. So hot.
3) Still need a dress for graduation.
4) Pick up graduation regalia on Tuesday. SUPER pissed that I didn't get into the honor's program.
5) Drafting a strongly worded letter to the owner of the real estate agency that my agent belongs to.
6) PMS sucks ass. I have the angries like whoa.

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