Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Update

Here is another fun filled bullet point heavy brain dump...

  • I weigh the exact same amount this month as I did last month at this time.  Which is fine...I guess...but I really wanted to be closer to my dream weight for the cruise we have planned for the first week in April.
  • Speaking part of my hormonal spending spree I bought a 7-night Mexico cruise.  The husband and I haven't been on a real vacation just the two of us since our last cruise...I think that was 4 years ago.  (It's funny, I can't remember the year, but I know exactly how much I weighed on that cruise. It was a lot. I had just reached my 10% goal weight loss on WW...and promptly quit.) I am SUPER excited about this trip and have the plan in my head to buy & wear a bikini.  I'm not exactly bikini ready yet, but I'm working on it (see next bullet point). 
  • We finally set up the elliptical in our bedroom.  I have been on it 3 times a week ever since.  I love it so fricken much!  When I first got on it I wanted to die after 30 minutes on the lowest resistance, but now I am up to 45 minutes at half max resistance.  My goal is to get comfortable at an hour time length at this resistance, then increase from there with more resistance and incline.  I also bought some 2lb arm weights with the hope that it adds a little extra burn power.  Haven't noticed any change there yet.  Overall, I feel great.  I feel better about myself and thinner even if the scale doesn't agree.  I want to feel good in my nearly naked skin when we go to Mexico.  I know there is nothing to be done about the cellulite on the back of my thighs, but hopefully toning and slimming make a small difference in the dimply-ness. 
  • So, Fitbloggin is in Portland in June, and I live in Portland.  While I would LOVE to go, the topics are more focused for bloggers with actual followers and fitness related topics.  That being said, reviewing the list of people attending there are a TON of people going who I would die to meet.  People I follow on Twitter especially.  I'm torn.  I don't want to pay a bunch of money just to meet these people and get the swag.  I can make myself 100% available during the entire event for ANY person who wants to hang out.  I am also available for chauffeur services.  I will likely be paying close attention for last minute cancellations with people offering up their tickets. 
  • I have no idea what "Harlem Shake" or "Catfish" is. Nor do I care.
  • Downton Abbey is no longer my favorite show. It gives me rage.
  • I still haven't bought the Sperry's I mentioned last month.  But I did spend quite a bit on a new Coach wallet and some shirts from Forever21.  I still want the shoes.  And I also want this... (But with mine & Man's initials)
  • I signed up to do Foodie Pen Pals this month.  At first I was super excited about it, but so far I am not impressed.  My pen pal that I send stuff too AND the pen pal I get stuff from are both not bloggers or on Twitter.  I sent off my box to my pen pal today (forgot to take a picture to post).  It was late so I paid extra to rush delivery to her.  The pen pal who is supposed to send me something has not contacted me.  I doubt she will either.
  • I wish my blog was awesome and popular enough that companies would give me free shit to review.  I would like a free plane ticket specifically.  But I will also take shoes, food, accessories, technology, beverages, or anything really. 
That's all for now my lovelies.  xoxo


  1. sorry you didn't hear from your penpal. you should have emailed me after the 72 hour contact period! i can usually help people connect!! or remove the people that don't contact in time for someone else to send. so sorry about your bad experience :(

  2. LOL I wish my blog was that awesome too. What I do get is people who email me almost every single day asking to include my blog in an infographic... that never had anything to do with anything I have ever written on my blog. O.o