Thursday, February 28, 2013


So I got the idea to try out #FoodiePenPals from some of my Twitter buddies.  You can read all about it here

They basic gist is: You sign up. Get randomly paired with someone who you will send a box of goodies to. And get randomly paired with a person who will send a box of goodies to you. Then each of you blog about what you sent and what you got at the end of the month.  (Box must contain something hand written and cost around $15.)

Sounds great, right?


...maybe for some. But not me.

At first the problem was totally mine. I typed my email address wrong on the entry form. Then when I didn't get an email back right away I didn't contact the person in charge like it said to if this happens. My fault. But it was quickly resolved with a few quick emails & tweets. 

I emailed my matches and told them the error with my email address was and what my correct contact information was. (Then I quickly google-stalked them, as I do everyone I come in contact with. Yes, everyone. It's likely I've done it to you. Yes, you. Deal with it.)

I was paired with a vegitarian stay-at-home mome in California with 2 kids and she sent me a very excited email about what kinds of foods her family liked as options to send her.

I decided to send her some of my local favorite foods. And because I am not bright, I didn't take a picture of the box before I sent it so here is a rough run down of what I included...

Willamette Valley Granola Chips: Never tried them...but there was a $1 off coupon attached so I thought what the hell.

Columbia Empire Marionberry preserves: The jar I sent was double this size.  I couldn't find one smaller.
Moonstruck Chocolate: I sent the Mayan chocolate bar as it is Man's favorite. They have 4 other flavors. I should have sent the coffee one as thats what my pal likes...but I couldnt' find it.

Beaver Mustard Deli mustard:  The best on grilled bratwurst.
Bob's Red Mill Pancake Mix:  I know you can get this just about anywhere but the factory is less than a mile from my house.  I drive by it every day.
I also threw in a baggie of local hazelnuts that I had in the house as well as a hand written note on a pretty card saying I hope she enjoyed everything and explaining that it was all local stuff.
According to the rules my package was soposed to be mailed no later than the 15th, but I was late and couldn't get to the post office until the 20th. So I paid for additional shipping to get it to her by Friday.  My tracking shows it was delivered.....but I have't heard from my pal so I dont know if she got it or liked it.

I have not heard a word from my other pal since I replied to her email asking for what kinds of foods I like.  That email was sent on February 5th.  I did not recieve a package. Yes, I'm bitter about this regardless of whether or not there was a warning on the website that it might happen. 

Other than not getting a box, I am upset that neither person I'm paired with are bloggers or on Twitter (one is on Twitter...but is not active). I was hoping this would be a fun social networking experience. But nope. Turns out, I just spent $30 to mail a box of food to a stranger with no recourse.


I'll get over it.

Doubt I will participate in #FoodiePenPals again though.

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  1. That sounds like a really cool idea. Too bad it didn't work out though. That seems weird that you don't have to be a blogger if you are supposed to blog about the foods. The two things kind of go hand in hand...